Film and TV Scripts

Summaries below–please contact me for script excerpts

“Share for Luck”–short film script

Summary: This approximately ten-minute short film centers on a college student who unwittingly opens a haunted Facebook post that summons the ghost of a fierce feline. She aims to survive the rest of the night while also being the intended victim of a sorority prank. Meanwhile, Father Zacharia is on the move to save her before it’s too late.

“Dark Doesn’t Sleep”–pilot script

Summary: In this approximately half-hour pilot, Fairbanks detective Jo and her partner Ted work to uncover a supernatural mystery surrounding a strange murder that seems to have involved a gigantic raven. Some distance away, at a temporary Army station in Dead Horse, Officer Nick and his Stryker Team chase down an oddly-behaved rogue soldier. Could these and other strange events in the area be connected? Jo and Ted are on the case whilst dodging their own personal demons.