Vendetta Comics: Your Local Talent Brewery

Biscotti and OgdenOn November 1st, Vendetta Comics will exhibit at the New River Community College Comic-Con.

Vendetta Comics is a small comic publisher based in Roanoke, VA, and if you have frequented any regional comic conventions lately, you may have already run into them. They were last spotted on October 18th at the Tidewater Comicon in Virginia Beach.

Founded in 2012, Vendetta premiered its first comic strip, Origin of a Species Part 1, wherein the publisher’s flagship protagonist, Biscotti Jones, comes into existence after the biscuit’s unfortunate fortunate encounter with space matter. Other tales soon followed the anthropomorphic Biscotti and his human pal Ogden, including Adventures in Biscottisitting

Vendetta premiered its second comic strip, Rodney: The Economically Disadvantaged Vampire, at Roanoke Valley Comicon in October of 2013. The publisher continued to focus on both character arcs after releasing Origin of a Species Part 2 and bringing Biscotti and Rodney together in  holiday crossover art in December.

If you get a chance to visit the NRCC Comic-Con next weekend, make sure to stop by Vendetta’s booth for the chance to meet the team, check out the comics, and even request commissioned artwork by artist Dom Murphy.

For more on Vendetta Comics, visit them on Facebook and Tumblr, and purchase official merchandise at their redbubble site. You can even catch a glimpse into their studio here.

Image: Vendetta Comics