Welcome to my website for writing, research, and criticism. I began this blog as an expressive outlet for musings on a variety of topics, from literature and film to video games and popular culture. It also hosts sample writing for freelancing and other projects.  As I integrate more of my work as a student in the Media, Art, and Text (MATX) PhD program at Virginia Commonwealth University, this site will feature more writing related to my ongoing dissertation research and writing, including updates on academic doings such as publications and conference papers.

From the About tab above, you will find sub-menus to access my CV and contact me. From the neighboring MATX tab, you can learn more about my teaching and graduate work , including my coursework and general information about my dissertation.

You can get in touch through the Contact form, or you may contact me at my e-mail: falongaker at gmail dot com.

Image: Counterplay Games via Duelyst fankit at https://news.duelyst.com/duelyst-fan-kit/